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50 Club Draw – October

The 50 Club Draw for October has been made and the winning numbers are….
1st Prize – Cannon
2nd Prize – Wilson
3rd Prize – Ombler
Congratulations to all three. Next draw will be in November…Remember the Boss’ catch phrase…”Keep dancing!”…no wait not that one…”More members…more prize money!”


Got some spare time? Know anyone with spare time that wants something to do? Well there’s this…..

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Easter Closing

The office will be closed from 15.00 on Thursday 13th April.

It will re-open on Tuesday 18th April at 08.30

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend

Heptonstalls continue to support Goole GoFar

Heptonstalls Solicitors Continues Support for The Goole GoFar

Heptonstalls Solicitors has shown its continued support to one of the areas much loved charities, by presenting them with a cheque from fundraising activities carried out by its employees.

The Goole-based law firm presented a cheque for £300 to The Goole GoFar, which provides accessible transport for the people of Goole and the surrounding areas who are vulnerable, isolated and socially excluded.

Goole GoFar was nominated as the firm’s charity of the year by its staff who have held a number of fundraising events over recent months to support the valuable work carried out by the charity.

Colleagues from the firm presented the cheque to the Goole GoFar team recently including Katie Wright, Solicitor and member of the Social Committee at Heptonstalls Solicitors.

She said:

“Goole GoFar do an incredibly valuable job for the Goole community and surrounding area and we at Heptonstalls are delighted to continue to show our support as fully as we can.”

The firm plans to continue its fundraising efforts for the charity throughout the year to help with its ongoing running costs.

Christine Dales, Business Manager at Goole GoFar, said:

“On behalf of everyone at Goole GoFar, we would like to thank Heptonstalls Solicitors for the very generous and kind donation they recently made through their fundraising activities.

“Donations like this mean we can keep the buses on the road delivering the services we provide which then enables our members to live independently and participate in their community. Thank you so much for your support for our charity, it really means a lot!”

Goole GoFar Cheque Feb 17

Would you like to volunteer?

Do you like to drive? Do you like meeting people? Do you want to help out in your local community?

The Gofar is always on the look out for volunteer drivers for our minibuses and community car.  Here are a few FAQ’s

How do I become a volunteer?

You can give the office a ring or call in for an informal chat with a member of our team

Do volunteers receive training?

Yes. Our volunteers are trained to MiDAS standards by our “in house” trainer. Volunteers also get a free DBS check

Do I need a certain type of licence to drive a minibus?

A Full driving license with D1 entitlement would be required. This would be on your licence if you passed your test before January 1997. You do not need this entitlement to drive our Community Car.

Do volunteers have to commit to a certain amount of hours?

No. Whether it be one hour a week or ten hours a week – whatever you can offer will be a big help to us.

Can I volunteer if I am receiving benefits?

You can volunteer if you are receiving benefits as long as you are still actively seeking work and be available for any interviews or to start paid employment.  You should always check with your benefits agency and you should always tell them you would like to volunteer.

How can I find out more about the Goole GoFar?

By visiting our website – You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter by searching Goole Gofar. Give the office a call on 01405 780344. Call in at our offices on Lower Bridge Street Goole

Goole Guide

Big thanks to Neil at for adding us to the website. Pop along and have a look, there’s lots of great information about Goole

What is Community Transport?

What is Community Transport?

This is the General Definition

Community Transport generally means transport which is designed, specified and developed by the communities it services, and which is provided on a not-for-profit basis in direct response to the identified needs of those communities.

This is how Goole Gofar likes to define Community Transport

Allowing someone who is socially excluded the chance, even if it is just once a week, to get out of their house and do some shopping. Giving them the opportunity to meet with other people on the bus. Letting them retain a small piece of independent living.

Not driving past when someone you thought would be getting on the bus is not there. Stopping and going to check if they are okay and if they are not, contacting someone for them.

Sitting and listening to someone. The driver may be the only person they have seen for who knows how long.

Taking their shopping back to the house for them. Making sure that they are okay before you leave.

Being patient – not everyone can get on and off the bus quickly.

Knowing your passengers so you can tell when something is just not “quite right” with them.

Picking people up from their house and taking them to hospital or doctors’ appointments because they are unable to walk to a bus stop.

Taking them back home from the appointment as soon as possible afterwards, so they are not left sitting in a waiting room for hours.

Taking group members to rehearsals and shows, because they are unable to access regular transport and because if we did not, they would not be able to be part of such a great community organisation.

Organising lunch outings for people who may not be able to afford it, so they can get out, have a nice meal and a “good old natter”

Ploughing any monies made from work back into the charity, so we can continue to help those most in need in the community

Community Transport? – The clues in the name really isn’t it


The Goole GoFar – “Transport at the Heart of the Community”

Tesco #BagsofHelp Initiative

Really pleased to tell you that we have received funding from the Tesco #bagsofhelp initiative. The funding will go to our “Outdoor Fun and Learning Project”
A big thank you to everyone that used their blue tokens to vote for us at Tesco stores.
Once the project is up and running we will post some updates.
Thank you all again

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GoFar 50 Club

Gofar 50 Club….Have you joined yet? Do you want to join and stand a chance of winning some cash each month.

Our Random Number Generator picks out….random numbers…and three lucky people will win cash prizes.

If you want details of how to join “the club” give the office a call on 01405 780344

Christine, the boss, has a catch phrase for the 50 Club…”More members….More prize money!”

GoFar Charity Ball

The Goole GoFar Charity Ball that was due to take place on Saturday 11th March has been CANCELLED due to low ticket sales.

Unfortunately, we reached a point where, had we continued in the hope of ticket sales improving and then had to cancel at the last minute, we would have lost a lot of money and as a charity that is something we cannot afford to do.

Can we thank the companies and individuals that supported us with sponsorship, raffle prizes and buying tickets. All monies/prizes will be returned.

To say we are disappointed is an understatement. We are striving towards making the charity as self-sufficient as possible and this event would have helped in a small way. A great night had been planned (over the past year) and we had two great comedy acts to entertain people. Sadly, it is not meant to be, so we shall move on and look at other ways to raise funds.

 Again, a massive thank you to those who offered support, it means a lot to know you were willing to help.

We shall continue to offer our services to those most in need within our community.



The Goole GoFar

“Transport at the Heart of the Community”