GoFar Charity Ball

The Goole GoFar Charity Ball that was due to take place on Saturday 11th March has been CANCELLED due to low ticket sales.

Unfortunately, we reached a point where, had we continued in the hope of ticket sales improving and then had to cancel at the last minute, we would have lost a lot of money and as a charity that is something we cannot afford to do.

Can we thank the companies and individuals that supported us with sponsorship, raffle prizes and buying tickets. All monies/prizes will be returned.

To say we are disappointed is an understatement. We are striving towards making the charity as self-sufficient as possible and this event would have helped in a small way. A great night had been planned (over the past year) and we had two great comedy acts to entertain people. Sadly, it is not meant to be, so we shall move on and look at other ways to raise funds.

 Again, a massive thank you to those who offered support, it means a lot to know you were willing to help.

We shall continue to offer our services to those most in need within our community.



The Goole GoFar

“Transport at the Heart of the Community”

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