What is Community Transport?

What is Community Transport?

This is the General Definition

Community Transport generally means transport which is designed, specified and developed by the communities it services, and which is provided on a not-for-profit basis in direct response to the identified needs of those communities.

This is how Goole Gofar likes to define Community Transport

Allowing someone who is socially excluded the chance, even if it is just once a week, to get out of their house and do some shopping. Giving them the opportunity to meet with other people on the bus. Letting them retain a small piece of independent living.

Not driving past when someone you thought would be getting on the bus is not there. Stopping and going to check if they are okay and if they are not, contacting someone for them.

Sitting and listening to someone. The driver may be the only person they have seen for who knows how long.

Taking their shopping back to the house for them. Making sure that they are okay before you leave.

Being patient – not everyone can get on and off the bus quickly.

Knowing your passengers so you can tell when something is just not “quite right” with them.

Picking people up from their house and taking them to hospital or doctors’ appointments because they are unable to walk to a bus stop.

Taking them back home from the appointment as soon as possible afterwards, so they are not left sitting in a waiting room for hours.

Taking group members to rehearsals and shows, because they are unable to access regular transport and because if we did not, they would not be able to be part of such a great community organisation.

Organising lunch outings for people who may not be able to afford it, so they can get out, have a nice meal and a “good old natter”

Ploughing any monies made from work back into the charity, so we can continue to help those most in need in the community

Community Transport? – The clues in the name really isn’t it


The Goole GoFar – “Transport at the Heart of the Community”

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